Endorsed SI


The Endorsed Level of System Integration is the highest level available for SI’s.

AVEVA recognises that its team of fully-vetted System Integrators are the key to delivering our technologies. Our Endorsed System Integrator Program comprehensively trains and certifies SIs in multiple levels, providing end-users with an objective quantitative means for measuring the skills of a solution provider avoiding situations where the customer has to pay that provider while they ‘learn on the job’.

Only those SIs with proven technical excellence, customer service and integrity participate in our Endorsed SI programs, and we maintain strong relationships with them so that they are knowledgeable about upcoming product releases, support updates and other information critical to the success of your projects.

Complete the following steps to be considered
for this top-level, invitation-only recognition:

  • Earn Endorsed SI program sponsorship from our AVEVA sales channel partners through mutual
    establishment of shared business goals.
  • Achieve CSIA certification or equivalent(such as ISO 9001)
  • Validate core and advanced AVEVA solutions, practices and certifications by company site
  • Establish and meet target business
    performance criteria
  • Execute Endorsed SI and Professional
    Services Agreements
  • Maintain AVEVA business cadence through participation in annual business planning, quarterly
    pipeline and performance reviews, annual audits and establishment of technical training plans
  • Form unique network with Regional Sales Team and local sponsoring Distributor in addition to support
    from dedicated engagement manager


Callisto LogoWonderware United Kingdom and Ireland are proud to present Callisto Integration, a newly Endorsed System Integrator.

Callisto Integration is a global leader in manufacturing consulting and systems integration. They provide services in plant floor controls, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and manufacturing consulting. Their ability to integrate from the factory floor through to the enterprise uniquely positions Callisto to provide a one stop shop for manufacturing systems.

Callisto Integration Ltd have also just achieved ACP Registration with Thin Manager.

With a combined business history of over forty years as controls system integrators, as Callisto Integration our ability to successfully understand and solve complex technical problems for customers in the plant automation industry will continue. Our two companies share a philosophy of delivering high quality solutions based on Invensys Wonderware’s suite of products.

Well-disciplined and financially successful we are recognized globally and held in high regard for our ability to deliver the optimal solutions to meet our customer’s most challenging systems integration needs. The success of our approach is validated by being awarded the 2011 System Integrator of the Year award by Controls Engineering Magazine. Callisto Integration’s services include Manufacturing Consulting, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Controls Engineering.

  • Manufacturing Consulting: Our approach is to rapidly identify opportunities for improvement and to provide our customers with fact-based justification for the investments required to capitalize on those opportunities. Callisto Integration Manufacturing Consultants will analyse your current manufacturing performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and help you develop a roadmap and implementation plan to ensure these improvements are realized.
  • MES: Callisto Integration delivers a suite of MES applications used to improve productivity, with the core value of MES being the plant-side information backbone that correlates production, quality and process data for decision-support in real time. Callisto Integration has expertise in the areas of ERP to MES integration, workflow management, product traceability, quality, OEE, scheduling, and other MES functionality.
  • Control Engineering: Callisto Integration delivers reliable, high quality PLC, DCS, and SCADA solutions that significantly improve productivity. We have an extensive list of project experience across a wide range of processes, equipment, hardware and software products. In addition we offer panel and field wiring design services. At Callisto Integration our primary goal is to build long-term partnerships with our customers. We do this by providing superior levels of solutions design and integration capabilities to optimize customer’s operations performance, and through adherence to high standards of business integrity and work ethics. We believe this approach delivers the value and return on investment that our customers expect to address their plant operational need.

Phone: 1-717-881-0110
Email: sales@callistointegration.com
Website: www.callistointegration.com


Since 1993, ONG Automation has been successfully delivering Industrial Automation and Information System projects from its custom built headquarters based in Cork, Ireland and also from its office in Doha, Qatar, Middle East. In 2010 ONG Automation were invited to become an AVEVA Endorsed System Integrator following the successful integration of 8 large Wonderware System Platform IAS/ MES Projects delivered worldwide with Multiple Site Roll Out projects completed.

With strong knowledge in manufacturing process, ONG are able to offer complete systems integration for Customers in the following:

  • Industrial Automation Systems
  • Batch Management
  • Information Solutions
  • MES Solutions

Phone: +353 21 4355200
Email: RDonovan@ongautomation.com or eholohan@ongautomation.com
Website: www.ongautomation.com

NeoDyne is an Irish company based at Little Island Cork, founded in 1998 and employing more than 85 automation electrical, instrument, and validation engineers and specialists.

We are a driving force for Process Improvements through automation and industrial information systems, delivering step improvements in reliability, cost reduction, energy efficiency, productivity, yield, and unmanned operation. Our core beliefs include: Meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations, being flexible and easy to work with, delivering real benefits, and providing responsive local support for all types of automation and industrial SCADA /IT in Ireland. We are more than just an automation system integrator and focus to understand our customer’s plants and processes and ascertain performance and potentials.

NeoDyne supply Pharmaceutical, Natural Gas, Oil, Electricity, Food, and Mining industries. Our key markets are for robust applications requiring innovation, very high reliability, long life, and special know-how involving critical utilities with zero interruption tolerance. Success is to be ahead in the delivery of cost-benefit and advantage to our customers through smart, solid, winning solutions that withstand the test of time and optimise the balance between technology and practical real-world operability. Our people are focused to constantly grow their capability and know-how in the technology and application fields in which we operate.

Phone: +353 (0)21 4520080
Email: info@neodyne.ie
Website: www.neodyne.ie

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