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AVEVA Edge to Enterprise 2020

Latest Releases: Supervisory, HMI, SCADA, and IIoT

Connect – Empower – Transform

The 2020 release is a major step in the evolution of HMI SCADA to address the needs of our customers from Edge to Enterprise, supporting you across our three key pillars of:

Connect – Empower – Transform.

With a focus on enabling your workforce, agility and flexibility, Edge to Enterprise represents an infinite range of possibilities that can help you best manage your operations.

You can find out more in our series of recorded webinars spanning across all of the new AVEVA 2020 software releases.


Watch the webinar series now:

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The 2020 release is a major step in the evolution of HMI SCADA to address the needs of our customers from Edge to Enterprise. It also signifies the unification of our Wonderware portfolio under AVEVA. We shall explain our mantra of: Connect – Empower – Transform.

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InTouch continues to go from strength to strength with this latest release focusing on a new look UI / workflow for creating applications and the latest additions for the integrated, low footprint web client and the easiest way to get your graphics into a web browser. Learn how you can manage your graphics in the cloud to easily share them amongst teams, projects, and even applications​.

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The evolution of System Platform continues with this release. Among other things, your favourite industrial platform received a performance overhaul, graphics cloud storage, and InTouch OMI takes data-driven visualisation to new heights with improved scripting capability and .NET control support and much, much more.​

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The world's most popular Historian becomes even better. In this session, we shall explore Universal data access by replicating to the cloud, Snapp data analysis with the new Excel Add-In, updated Historian web client, Alarms in context of process data, and summary charts based on batches/events.

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Media Library - edge

Learn to configure remote machines' HMIs directly from the operations layer to monitor machine status, performance, and OEE. The session includes demonstrations of deployments to Windows or Linux, native support for Industrial (ArchestrA) Graphics, support for MQTT Sparkplug B, and integration with AVEVA Edge Management.

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Give global access to all your plant and asset data.

The latest enhancements to AVEVA Insight include condition-based asset health notifications to your maintenance system, expanded asset context with asset dashboards, updates to OEE reporting, and lots more.

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Accurate and automated recording of production data is essential for any manufacturer. Our SI partner, NeoDyne will explain how they enabled Lakeland Dairies to improve the efficiency of data capture, visualisation and real time reporting of plant floor activities. It helped Lakeland Dairies improve production efficiencies by having actionable information at their fingertips to make the right decisions at the right time. 

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There are many IIoT solutions out there. This session will explore how the AVEVA solution offers scalable and frictionless deployment Architectures. Master central secure edge management and seamless integration (MQTT Sparkplug B support). Any asset can have remote data collection up and running in minutes.

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Discover our latest Telemetry drivers for industries such as Water, Waste Water, Infrastructure, and Utilities. We will explain how buffered data and out of sequence values are handled. It also ensures secure communications and support for redundant architectures.

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With this release, OMI comes to its full potential to give you a 360 view of your operations. OMI goes beyond standard SCADA with this release. It offers the next generation of visualisation from plant to enterprise by integrating both real-time and transactional information from OT and IT systems. Built on top of the scalable System Platform OMI offers ready to use powerful context-driven Apps. 

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Our web client goes to the next level with full read/write capability, full access to alarm, and trend screens. It will work on any HTML 5 browser with zero-install requirements. It also extends to any mobile device via browser or native app.

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AVEVA 2020 helps you fully leverage your data from the edge to enterprise level. Manage your device fleet on the edge, bring disparate data streams into the cloud for analysis, or build a hybrid solution that enables rapid decision making based on a single source of truth.

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