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Asset Maintenance

Empower your operators with improved situational awareness and immersive training


Improve Maintenance Operations

World class Asset Management is the foundation of an APM strategy.

We offer advanced solutions leveraging cloud, mobility, and augmented reality to transform and empower the mobile workforce, increase collaboration, provide comprehensive asset and materials management, and efficient maintenance execution to optimise the availability of all assets.

Accelerate time to repair and keep equipment and assets running and maintained properly.

Empower the Digital Workforce

AVEVA Enterprise Asset Management

Reduce your employee time investment by implementing a preventative maintenance program that will maximise your return on asset investment. With an insight into your maintenance history and inventory, you can carry out necessary maintenance and optimise production.


Mobile Operator Rounds

Further prepare your workforce with operations and maintenance procedures, equipment diagrams and operating history on the go, with industrial mobile devices that enable operators to make informed decisions in the field. Improving safety and efficiency.


AVEVA Operational Safety Management

Execute safe, compliant and consistent practises that reduce the risks to your operators, assets and the environment. Implement risk assessments, work activity plotting, isolation planning and execution, work permit management and safe job analysis.


Improve your bottom line, optimise performance.

Our Asset Performance Management Portfolio Helps You Turn Opportunity into Business Value

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Increase Safety and Situational Awareness

Keep the right people informed with augmented reality, that delivers real time, visual, step-by-step operating procedures and key information to operators in the field. Reduce human error and direct people in the right direction to appropriate equipment for the task at hand. Operators are given data on existing hazards with information on location, asset and maintenance strategy.


Gain Control of Asset Strategy

Implement the right maintenance program that utilises all assets and improves both efficiency and cost reduction. With an insight into maintenance history, inventory and procurement, operators have the tools they need to keep everything running smoothly.


Asset Performance Management

Drive Measurable and immediate results to your bottom line with a trusted and reliable APM solution

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