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Asset Analysis

Maximising return on capital investments

reduce downtime

Reduce Downtime and Optimise Production

With a range of services at your disposal, utilise intelligent analytics to give you the knowledge and tools to optimise your operations. Receive early warning notifications, predict failures before they happen and implement accurate asset strategies; improving reliability, safety and reduce maintenance costs. Turn mass amounts of data into simpler, actionable insights to get the most of your existing equipment and deliver the maximum return on assets.

Apply the Right Analytics Mix to Maximise Economic Return on Asset Investments

Condition Management

Utilise assets with existing equipment to improve operations, reduce costs and make better asset management decisions. Condition management software connects your team to real-time diagnostics in order to optimise production.


AVEVA Predictive Analytics

Be one step ahead of equiptment downtime with advanced pattern recognition software, reduce maintenance costs and improve operations with PRiSM Predictive Asset Analytics. Making sure you gain the highest return on critical assets.



Intelligence provides a dashboard, reports and tools that consolidate your production data into simpler, more manageable reports. Gain insights into information that can significantly optimise your operations and increase efficiency.


Improve your bottom line, optimise performance.

Our Asset Performance Management Portfolio Helps You Turn Opportunity into Business Value

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Predict Equipment Failures and Maintenance costs

Reduce downtime by predicting asset failures days, weeks or months before they occur. Implement early warning signs using advanced analytics and significantly improve your operational efficiency. Predictive analysis means the right parts can be ordered, maintenance can be planned and operations will not stop, ultimately reducing operations and maintenance costs.

Utilise Assets and Improve Regulatory Compliance

Take a look at your data to distinguish if you are achieving the maximum return on asset (ROA) and implement smart business decisions to reduce under-performance and downtime. Ensure knowledge capture so that maintenance decisions and processes are repeatable and already in place.

Asset Performance Management

Drive Measurable and immediate results to your bottom line with a trusted and reliable APM solution

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